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Global Assistance & Healthcare is the preferred partner to over 50 assistance companies around the world. Our dedicated multidisciplinary international team, coordinate medical evacuations to all domestic and international destinations on behalf of insurance companies, oil & gas, banks and assistance companies in urgent need of accurate diagnosis, rapid extraction and access to premium treatment within the country or overseas.  

We operate under reciprocal agreements with other International Assistance Providers therefore creating a worldwide network providing 24/7, 365 days a year service to all clients via our dedicated Alarm Centre.

Implementing Toll-Free telephone services ensure fast and reliable access to our Medical Assistance Service Centre.

Medical and Non-Medical Assistance Services may include:

  • Medical Evacuation by ground, sea, air, ambulance or commercial flight. All Medical Evacuations are guided and monitored by our trained medical team.
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance worldwide.
  • Escorted repatriation on commercial flights.
  • Medical monitoring and case management – ensuring clients receive the most appropriate treatment in the most suitable facility.
  • Emergency management – mass casualty evacuation.
  • Guarantee of medical expenses.
  • Medical Second Opinion.
  • Medical Concierge Services.
  • RMR (Repatriation of Mortal Remains).
  • MERP (Medical Emergency Response Plan).
  • Payment and audit of invoices.
  • Pre-travel advice and contingency planning when going overseas for traveling or working in remote areas.
  • Remote site assessment, setup and management.
  • 24/7 travel advice, support and information services.
  • Our Alarm Centre is supported by our experienced international medical team of Doctors, logistic specialists and coordinators and has a vast amount of experience in performing medical evacuations via different forms of transport – whether by private jet, commercial carrier, helicopter or ground ambulance.


Our team ensures that we provide cost effective and personalized service. We pride ourselves in delivering constant and regular real-time monitoring and communication updates for our clients. Our team is persistent in their duty to ensure our client health status, documentation and medical reports are always up-to-date. With client consent our medical coordinators have been known to visit the hospital where they are admitted, to assess client condition and ensure that our clients are receiving the most appropriate care possible.

Our clients have peace of mind whether in their country of residence and traveling on business or pleasure that Global Assistance & Healthcare delivers all travel, personal and medical assistance needs.