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We provide remote site facilities, manpower, equipment and ongoing management to over 15 nationals and international clients spanning across 20 sites. Remote Medical Services are tailored to our clients need to ensure our client product provided is consistently of supreme standards and cost effectiveness yet maintains premium quality.

Our Remote Medical Services include:

Medical Staffing
Provide quality Medical Staffing for our clients work site. All our qualified physicians, nurses, paramedics and ancillary medical staff are carefully screened and selected to deliver high standard clinical services.  

On-site Clinic Management
Our Medical Professionals deliver health management systems to ensure careful monitoring and maintenance of our quality medical services on-site through skilful planning, implementation, monitoring and review to ensure cost-effectiveness and successful delivery of healthcare services to our clients.  

Mobile and Stationary Field Clinics
We offer a selection of customizable container clinics that can be tailored to our clients need from basic first aid infirmary to fully equipped Medical Centre.  

Medical Equipment, Supplies and Pharmaceuticals
From standardized kits and modules to customized equipment packages, this comprehensive provision has been carefully selected by experienced Global Assistance & Healthcare medical professionals to enhance our client’s on-site medical capabilities. We also provide first aid kits for cars, professionals or travelers.  

Medical Site Survey
Our Remote Medical Services team offer our clients a comprehensive on-site medical review and inspection with a purpose to propose practical strategies to our clients and their employees on staying healthy, identify the nearest most suitable local healthcare facilities and develop an action plan for efficient medical evacuation such as our MERP – Medical Emergency Response Plan.